Dollhouse Mini Wood
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Dollhouse Mini Wood

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Dollhouse Mini Wood in 1:12 scale is half the size of the WOOD model. The minimalist furniture and subdued colours make this design timeless. All furniture can be taken out and arranged according to your wishes.

The set includes:

- storied cottage with a chimney, windows, exit to the terrace 150 x 325 x 455 mm
 - terrace 120 x 235 x 6 mm

- stairs 60 x 235 x 164 mm

- living room (which can also be a garage) 225 x 325 x 170 mm

- vestibule 75 x 260 x 170 mm


- white bath with standing battery (nickel-plated steel)

- blue bench

- felt bed

- kitchen table with 2 stools

- kitchen island

- blue bookcase with 5 shelves, behind which wallpaper in white and gray stripes was glued
 - blue coffee table

- double sofa bed, cover with gray wool felt

- armchair upholstered in wool felt

- a folding deckchair with 3-way adjustable height

- low table on the terrace (white cube)

Both the construction of the house and the furniture spark the spatial imagination, allowing the opportunity to arrange as you wish.

Only selected materials were used to perform the house and equipment. The house and stairs are made of high quality plywood in a natural, bright colour. Furniture is made of plywood and wood, and painted with certified water paints (safe for children). Cushions are filled with anti-allergy insert, and filling of the mattress is professional upholstery foam. Natural fabrics were used: wool felt (not polyester), 100% cotton. These are renewable raw materials suitable for recycling.

The house can serve as decorative function – it looks beautiful when placed on a platform, to be able to freely look to the interior. It can also be used to play, but due to delicate small parts, it is recommended for children over 3 years. The house can be a dwelling for a small household pet or a shelf for small items.

Price: £415.00

3 weeks

Price: £415.00