Blue Line
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Blue Line

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The Blue Line Collection.

A collection of porcelain vessels, with lines defining a delicate, cobalt border.
The pieces are hand-painted in cobalt. The deep blue highlights the purity of porcelain, creating an elegant backdrop for serving dishes.

"This design does not refer directly to designs from the 70s. We were simply looking for new ways to employ forgotten methods of decorating porcelain by utilising a solution of cobalt salts – a method almost lost in today’s world. After removing the pieces from the oven, we noticed an unintended effect - a form of decoration which immediately evokes the nostalgia of times gone by. " say the designers.

Blue Line is one of the Modus Design products referred to as "hand touched". This term describes the philosophy of their cooperation with the industry. Objects of mass production take individual form after being hand decorated by designers. The touch of a human hand results in one of a kind, striking and unique ceramics.

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Blue Line Espresso cup 0,1 L with saucer

Price: £14.00

Blue Line Latte cup 0.35 L with saucer (no handle)

Price: £16.50

Blue Line Mug 0,3 L (no handle)

Price: £10.00

Blue Line tea cup 0,25 L with saucer (no handle)

Price: £15.00

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