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Oskar Zieta developed (as part of his research at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich) different methods of enhancing the efficiency of steel sheet technology for design, architecture and construction. The main topic was the use of steel sheets as a construction element – cheap, easy to shape and efficient. The problem with steel sheets is stability – the work was focused on how to reach the desired stability of steel sheets to be able to use them as construction elements. 
FiDU is the most innovative technology developed by Zieta Prozessdesign. FiDU is an abbreviation of the German term “Freie-Innen-Druck-Umformung” – Free Inner Pressure Forming. It means that two shapes cut from steel sheets are welded around their edges and inflated into a 3d object. The deformation of flimsy metal sheets caused by the pressure makes them stable and rigid. 

Moreover – it makes it so durable, that it can be categorized as an ultra-light construction. It takes only two thin steel sheets to create a complicated and very durable object made of steel in FiDU. It allows us to create innovative, customised, bionic shapes and to produce them in small series using very efficient production processes. The technology can be applied to produce ultra-light constructions of great weight capacity – for product design and architectural elements.

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