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Lighting label PUFF-BUFF has been launched in 2004 by industrial and interior designer Anna Siedlecka and architect Radek Achramowicz. From that moment the company has been particularly well known for its air-filled lamps and spectacular chandeliers made of inflatable parts and LED diodes. PUFF BUFF collection of lighting has been growing since then, driven by their fascination of light, movement, transparency and lightness. PUFF BUFF air-filled lamps and lighting systems are inspired by the creative experiments in art and design of the 50s and 60s, but manufactured using modern technology and working with air, the most ecological and innocent material. Caught in a thin membrane it takes on immerse strength. The flexible structures of lamps, combined with energy efficient light sources, make a significant alternative to conventional materials.

PUFF the BUFF lamps have been showcased in countless magazines and few books and showed at over 50 design fairs and exhibitions worldwide including Milan, Paris, London, New York and Tokyo.