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Ćmielów Design Studio

Ćmielów Design Studio is a creative ceramic studio, launched in January 2013 by  Ćmielów” and “Chodzież”, Polish Porcelain fabrics with over 223 years of experience.  Leaded by Marek Cecula, renowned artist and designer, the studio offers an alternative viewpoint on domestic products, reinventing the landscape of the table through new tableware concepts.

The studio is set within the Ćmielów factory and it’s linked to the industrial environment. It will develop new lines of contemporary tableware and modify existing collections for Ćmielów and Chodzież Porcelain Factories. The studio is also dedicated to the experimental development and adaptation of new technologies for innovative usage in industrial production.

Ćmielów Design Studio provides a creative space for design, experimentation and realization of new domestic tableware. The aim of ĆDS is to express and infuse contemporary spirit into the noble material and to continue exquisite craftsmanship in porcelain art and design.

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