Dorota, the owner of Manufactured Culture:

"In the age of mass production of utilitarian objects, clients and designers contact becomes impossible. We buy items produced by machine in the hundreds of thousands of copies, often not knowing where they come from, and the more who was their creator.  

Modern technologies allow for perfectly reproducible objects, copying them into the millions to meet the demands of the global market. Sadly, in such cases, the soul and the fingerprint of the creator is lost.

Manufactured Culture mission is to offer customers unique utility-based projects designed by artists from Central Europe, created from high quality materials and in small quantities. That's why we decided to partner with glass designer Agnieszka Bar, who designed  for us unique series of crystal vases – “Pleated Vases”.


Designer, Agnieszka Bar:

After talking to Dorota I developed the concept, which aimed to exploit the potential of crystal glass, and "dusting" the image of crystals known from the communist era. Glass crystal mass is a soft and plastic material, which can be shaped in variety of ways.

We chose to work with factory with long glassworks traditions, operating in Lower Silesia. I designed vases that make up the duo. They differ in shape, color, and type of decoration. I gave them the pleated texture to bring interesting optical experience in contact with water and light.


Larger form is colorless and densely decorated with a broad-edged wedge which efracts light beautifully . The lower flat section filled with water gives an interesting lens. Smaller form is a strong accent colour, with fine ground joints which cover onlythe upper surface. Both forms provide the possibility of composing large bouquets. Vases added value is that together build beyond the functional quality. Imposed one another are intriguing visual object.

Implemented project is a fresh breath of crystal - shine and subtle elegance. This is also the essence of the craft - manual grinding notch after notch, pleat the plead. Soft lines remain delicate and charming as pleated skirts - a woman's must have.


Dorota, the owner of Manufactured Culture:

"Utility objects offered by Manufactured Culture are as important as their artistic idea. Our environment becomes a story about our culture and gaining unique setting and banal objects can be replaced by ones that gain the title of "art".